Bride Kidnapping: A Real Women’s Rights Issue

In certain countries, such as Kyrgyzstan, if you can successfully kidnap and hold a women against her will for a certain amount of time (usually a single night), she is then officially your wife. If this is not a violation of the rights of women, than I don’t know what is. The same way footbinding was also a violation of human rights when it happened to women in china.

And guess what? Ms Magazine, a popular feminist magazine only has 1 post on Bride Kidnapping. As does feminist blog Jezebel. Only 1 mention in All of this compared to the numerous articles talking about female representation in media. Shows those priorities, feminists.

But bride kidnapping has to stop, because of obvious reasons. It doesn’t matter if the person is male or female, if you are forced into marriage because you were successfully kidnapped, that is just fucked up. As a result of bride kidnapping, many women are starting to commit suicide, and I personally don’t blame them. It is a long-standing tradition in many of these places, and nobody tries to stop the guy as he just picks up a random girl off the street, screaming and flailing, and forces her to stay with him while his family tries to convince her that marrying their complete stranger of a son is worth it.

The thought gives me shivers. To be in a country where you literally have to look over your shoulder, even inside your own house, to make sure that a random guy you never met is not going to run up and grab you, kicking and screaming, to be his wife, just seems frightening. This is worse than arranged marriages in my opinion.

This should not be a tradition. This should not be viewed as moral. This is wrong, and it has to stop!

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  1. Misogynistic RapeMaster

    If you go back as early as the 19th century you’ll find feminists Charlotte Smith who wanted to tax all bachelors and old maids thereby forcing men and women to get married and had a serious problem with bicycle shirts because she thought they were to skimpy, and if you look at what feminists are doing today it is clear that they aren’t necessarily interested in women’s rights or the well being of all women. What feminists do and have always done is project their own feelings onto other women; they have never bothered to actually find out what other women want or what is best for most women and they focus so intensely on the problems in their own backyards that they can’t look at the bigger picture and realize that the are bigger issues that they could actually do something about.

    Feminists always have been and will likely always be sheltered and lacking a firm grasp on reality, and as a result they have always been terrible activists, so this lack of a feminist outrage doesn’t surprise me in the least.


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