Social Justice Warriors are just like Fundamentalists

To be honest, I see no difference. Fundamentalist Christians gets offended and fight to censor and take down billboards and ban books that mention their religion in a bad light or any book they perceive as an attack on their religion. Even videogames are attacked based on how offended people get based on religion. For instance, The Binding of Isaac is a game where you play as a boy named Isaac who is on the run from his crazy schizophrenic religious mother who wants to kill Isaac on the orders of God, taken from and inspired by the story in the bible of the boy named Isaac and the fact that his father was going to sacrifice him to appease the demands of God. Due to portraying this story in any light, Germany rated it 16+ it for possible blasphemous content, and Nintendo declined to allow it on the 3DS because of “questionable religious content.”

In the same way, feminists and SJW’s are applying things like The Bechdel Test to films and games, and even petitioning to have games removed from stores due to “misogynistic content.” They claim that this kind of thing is “offensive” along with posters from MRA’s parodying the “Don’t Be THAT Guy” poster campaign by making very similar posters of their own called the “Don’t Be THAT Girl”  campaign. Feminists and SJW’s got offended at the MRA posters, but ignored the ones they themselves posted.  The same way a Fundamentalist can put up a billboard saying “Believe or burn in hell” but get offended when an atheist puts up a billboard saying “I’m too old for fairy-tales.” It’s the EXACT same kind of logic. The SJW’s are able to dish out heat, but they are unwilling to take it.

On this note, is why Christina Hoff Sommers, noted gender activist and critic of modern day feminism, has claimed on Twitter “Dear liberals, When you side with today’s 3rd wave intersectional feminism, you are siding with the intellectual equivalent of creationism.” And this is true in every sense of the words. Creationists and Fundamentalists differ very slightly if at all from Modern Day feminists, even to the point of being offended when people don’t believe in modern feminism.

Take of that what you will.


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Reopened Patreon

I shut my Patreon down a bit ago for various reasons, but now it is back up!

Site content is free for all forever, but if you want to donate a certain amount of money per month to my blog I would not mind. Patreon is a site where you can give any amount of money to a content creator to show that you support their work.

I do want to spend more time on all of my blogs and sites, but it is hard to do that when I am at work most of the time, so if I get enough I can start writing on my blogs full time. I do want to spend as much time as possible on this blog particularly, and give me more time to fully research many articles and make them more thought out and of better quality.

If anyone wants to support me, I will have the link right here, and I will also have it as a page in the corner of this blog. Thanks a ton in advance.

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December 11, 2014 · 3:28 pm

GMO’s, Fast Food, and Extremist Fear-mongering

What is the difference between a Creationist, an Anti-Vaxxer, and an anti-GMO activist? Beats me.

And before you spam my comments section with half-assed and barely read scientific studies “proving” the negative effects of GMO crops done on rats and crawfish by anti-GMO scientists, don’t. I won’t even bother reading them. Nobody has the time to read every conspiracy theorists long list of “evidence” for every single tinfoil hat theory they just so happen to pull out of their ass.

Are GMO’s healthy for human consumption? More likely than not, yes. As there seems to be no difference whatsoever in breeding plants, and manually adding DNA into them. Not that it would really matter if there was, as our bodies do not absorb and incorporate the DNA of what we eat into our bodies. “We are what we eat” is NOT a literal statement backed by scientific evidence. Characteristics of the finished product after the altered DNA of the plant grows is what would be harmful, and given what the FDA, AMA, EU, NAS, among many other organizations says on the issue, that is not the case either. Of course, consuming large amounts of any food is harmful for you, no matter if it is organic, or GMO.

The same issue I have with Fast Food. McDonald’s released another video showing us firsthand how their McNuggets are made. This one is no different than the video that they made previously, despite that now they have a Mythbuster on it. McDonald’s has been more and more transparent with how their food is being made, including the McRib, and the Burger. But people are still not happy. They cannot get over their agendized mind that McDonald’s MUST be this horrible and unhealthy place filled with roaches and E-coli and that has burgers that never rot. As a result, even with the transparency, people are blasting McDonald’s, calling them liars, and saying all this batshit idiocy about GMO’s and Organic foods.

Here is something to ponder. If you don’t like Fast Food, don’t eat it! Fast food is obviously not healthy for you. NOBODY is arguing that fact. I am pretty sure even the most backwater inhabitant of an Amish farmland could tell you that Fast Food is filled with overt amount of calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. And while many fast food places do indeed have healthy options to choose, who is going to? Not many. I agree that a McDonald’s or Taco Bell salads tastes good, but if I want a salad I can make one at home. It’s a consumer choice to decide to go to fast food restaurants despite the knowledge that the food is not good for you.

And even if GMO’s ARE bad, which there is no evidence in the past 20 years that suggests that they are according to large medical and food inspection organizations, I doubt  many people would stop buying them. From what I have seen with most Anti-GMO proponents, they actually don’t care much about the health of GMO foods or Fast foods, they are afraid of big corporations and governments. Most anti-GMO proponents are less Anti-GMO as they are Anti-Government. Which is why you can never get through to them when using the FDA, AMA, or NAS as sources. The same reason people who are Global Warming deniers and Creationists pretend that the scientific consensus is just “an appeal to authority.” Because they are anti-government. They are anti-corporation. And as a result, they fearmonger, trivialize, and spout falsified idiocy disguised as research. Or in many cases, using research that doesn’t even say the thing the person is using it for.

So make your own independent verification based on the evidence, but don’t use these backwater conspiracy theorists and their non-data as examples. If you read their sources at all, do it with the finest toothed comb you have, and realize that for some reason, the majority of scientists who study this stuff for a living don’t agree with their conclusion. And then throw it in the fireplace pile of studies proving Chemtrails, Creationism, and Autism Causing Vaccines.

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Sex Workers: A Women’s Rights Issue

Now many feminists have a huge issue with sex workers, and on this issue, it has less to do with a disdain for them, and more to do with flat out ignorance on the topic of working in the sex industry.

Many feminists honestly believe that working in the sex industry means that you are forced into the industry and abused inside it, and while similar, is not what a sex worker is. A Sex worker, as opposed to a victim of sex trafficking, is someone who decides for themselves to have sex with people and give out favors for money. It is a very lucrative career goal and does not require backbreaking labor for small amounts of money. And it certainly is not the same as being forced to give handjobs in a back alley to pay off a drug dealer.

Sex workers choose to have mutual sex with guys (and even some women) for cash. It is mutual on both ends, he gets sex, she gets cash and sex, so all-in-all it might be more beneficial for the sex worker. And this not a bad thing. Women have a right to feel comfortable and have fun with their bodies. Even if it is simply for the titillation of men, which it isn’t! If sex workers do not like their choice of career, they are more than welcome to leave, unlike with prostituted women, sex workers are not forced into the position.

Now if feminists want to be against forcing women into the sex trade, fine. Good on them, I fight against that too. But treating ALL women who get paid for sex as victims is spreading misinformation about the profession of sex work. The game GTA V was taken off the shelves of Target Austrailia due to claims of “sexual violence against women.” This is yet another example of such. GTA V has no sexual violence or rape of women in it at all. All women you pay for sex are sex workers, and none of them are being held against their will, raped, assaulted, etc. The only issue is that you can kill them after you have sex with them. You can kill everyone in the game, male and female alike. Equal opportunity havoc.

We need to make a firm distinction between women in the sex trade, and sex workers. Women being sold by others, and women selling themselves. Women being forced, and women making their own decision. Allow women to decide for themselves what they want to do with their bodies. Their bodies, their choice.

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Hate Mail Is Not A Gendered Issue


Richard Dawkins 


TheAmazingAtheist, 2

Martymer, 2, 3, 4


PBG, JonTron, ProJared, Completionist

Numerous male (and a couple female) celebrities

Smosh Gamers

TMZ Hate


All these guys and then some gets hatemail and even death threats and more. All one has to do is look up “Hate Mail” on YouTube to find a huge list of guys who receive hatemail online. It’s not a gendered thing. If anything, women get less hate mail then men. Stop using hate mail as an excuse for everything. Hate mail is not keeping women away from STEM Fields, Haite Mail is not keeping women away from YouTube, That is YOUR CHOICE! If women are less likely to want to deal with hate mail, fine. But it’s not worse for women online. Grow up and act like the strong independant women you are and actually create stuff if you want to. If you don’t want to, than shut the fuck up!

Stop treating women as delicate flowers! It’s degrading to us


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Re: 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male – A Refutation By A Female Gamer

Feminist Frequency shot herself in the foot again when she uploaded a feminist idiocy uneducational video titles 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male. I am just here to show how stupid these 25 benefits are. Who narrates this video? Jonathan Mcintosh of #FullMcintosh fame himself.

“Too many male gamers dismiss this fact as no big deal”

It isn’t much of a big deal, because everyone in videogames get harassed online. For our gender, our voice, our ethnicity, our beliefs, etc. Many prominent male gamers get harassed and even sent death threats online, yet nobody is claiming it is a gendered issue against men, now are they?

“Men need to become aware at the ways we subconsciously benefit from sexism”

I think we should reverse this and see how sexist feminists would believe it is.

1. I can remain oblivious to female harassment

And I can be oblivious to male harassment, or black harassment, or Muslim harassment, or the harassment of people who have some kind of voice impediment. I am now benefiting from racism, apparently.

2. I am never told that videogames or the surrounding culture is not intended for me because I am male

I am never told that fashion or childrearing is not intended for me because I am a female, that is sexism i would benefit from. But to be honest, most games are not designed to please us female gamers, deal with that fact, or go into the gaming industry and CHANGE IT. But then again, I have no issue with The Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy.

3. I can put my username and gamertag online without fear of being stalks or harassed because I am male

My SteamProfile: LucyRaccoon

My Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1564-3568-1592

I am an avid gamer, never been stalked or harassed just for being female.

4. I will never be asked to prove my gaming cred

I have never been asked to prove my gaming cred. Ever. In fact, nobody is shocked that I am a gamer. I talk about the games I play a lot with a bunch of new people all the time, nobody ever looks at me as if I am something new. I have never seen this happen to anyone else either, or have heard of a real instance where this happened outside of Hearsay.

5. Nobody will think I am faking an interest if I show my fondness for videogames

Again, never seen this happen. Only seems to happen with the females who care more about the cosplay than what they are cosplaying. And only because an issue because other people would ask something like “what is your favorite part of Green Lantern” and be met with the response of “never read it.” Which brings many people in videogames and comic culture to question why you are dressing as a character you have no fondess for. Again, no sexism present. And many girls do use videogames as a prop to get attention, for instance, when Anita Sarkeesian was using an Xbox controller that wasn’t even turned on in her Kickstarter video.

6. I can go to any gaming website, show, or magazine, to have views of other men represented

Plus various female game journalists going as far back as Nintendo Magazine. I write for Techraptor as a Videogame Journalist. I am a prime example of you shutting the fuck up now

7. When I go to a gaming event, I can be sure I won’t be harassed, groped, or catcalled

Again, no evidence whatsoever that this ever happens! I have talked to MANY people who frequent cons, including women, and none of them have ever seen this happen to them or anyone else in a con. I call bullshit.

8. I will never be asked to speak for all other gamers who share my gender

Because men are not considered a minority. When a reporter asks me what my views are as a female gamer, they are only doing so because I make up a small minority of Core Gamers. Especially Console Gamers who play action/adventure games, or FPS’s.

9. My gaming performace won’t be contributed to my gender

If people think you are bad at gaming because you are a girl, they will contribute your good gaming to your fact of being male. That’s how that works, so that’s bullshit. Besides, the only people who connect your gaming performace to your gender are trolls, and yet again, that never happened to me.

10. My gaming ability will never be called into question because of my gender

See #9

11. I can be sure my thoughts on videogames will not be dismissed or attacked based solely on my tone of voice

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Men over-reacting to videogames is dismissed or attacked ALL THE TIME based solely on their tone of voice. AngryVideoGameNerd and Angry Joe both deal with this issue, read their comments section every once in awhile!

12. I can say I like videogames that are odd, cute, artistic, etc, without fearing I reinforce an existing stereotype

No, but you run into that issue if you say you like competitive fast action violent first person shooters and fighting games, hun.

13. I will never be asked when buying a video game if I am buying it for the opposite sex

Again, I have never seen this, I have not heard of a single example of this happening. I can find very few actual instances of this happening in a first person account either. And it also has never happened to me. It sounds like a perpetuated myth based on a very, very small minority of people.

14. Most game developers are men

Not sexism. 80% of teachers are women, that’s not sexism against male students either.

15. I can see sexism towards men represented, but I don’t have to worry about it when it is sexism towards women. My privilege

Basically what he said.

16. I will almost always have the option to play a character of my gender

There are tens of thousands of female characters in many games to play as. But until more of these women get off their whiney asses and develop the games they claim don’t exist, they never will. Not male benefit, female laziness.

17. Don’t have to be careful in online gaming communities because of my gender

Basically nobody will harass you until you spout man-hating bullshit like “I’m so oppressed by evil men!.” As I said before, I have seen nobody ever get harassed in online gaming communities simply for being female and no other reason.

18. I never think about hiding my gender online

I am a female. Many females prefer the gaming without all the shit-talk, that is fine. Men get shit talk in games all the time too, see first quote.

19. I can be sure I won’t get harassed for being male

See #18

20. If I am trash talked online, it will not be because I am male

Unless you run into a feminist. Other than that, you will be trash talked for having a different accent, being a different ethnicity, and having any form of speech impediment. You are not free from abuse either, no privilege. I personally was harassed in an online game once because someone thought I was a guy using a female avatar.

21. I won’t be interrogated about my real life body parts online/sex life

Gotta make this joke. Aside from that, men are also interrogated about how they look like, sometimes even including penis size and making fun of them for “compensating for something” every single time they happen to have something big. Probably not as much as girls, but then again, the people asking are trolls. When anyone asks about my boob size online, I usually just give it to them. I’m a B cup, often told I am a C cup. Or you can mute someone who asks, and trust me, you won’t be doing it often. Trash talk is only done when a character is trolling, or losing. Also, not always male characters either.

22. Complete strangers do not usually send me pictures of their genetalia or demand to see me naked

No, this does not as happen often to guys, I’ll give you that. But sexting is not a gendered issue, and Tits or GTFO more often then not is a joke, not a real demand.

23. As a male gamer, I can be sure that people won’t talk about my attractiveness behind my back

How is that a privilege? If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it… is it benefiting men?

24. If I talk about sexism in games, I will be more credible

Nope! Sorry Mangina, your observations about sexism in gaming has been mentioned even by other feminists to get in the way of feminism. Feminists don’t want your support on sexism in games. Also, men cannot in any way talk about sexism against men in gaming, that is trivialized and laughed off the table before it even reaches the table.

25. Because it was created by a straight white man, this checklist will probably be take more seriously

HAAAA!!!! Full Mcintosh!


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No Gender December?

NoGenderDecember starts out as a pledge to allow children to choose, as you can understand if you read the pledge:

“I pledge to support ‘No Gender December’ because there is no place for gender stereotypes under my Christmas tree.

Gender stereotypes limit children’s imagination and development, also perpetuating inequality. I encourage every child’s freedom to choose, to grow and develop, to be themselves without the damaging influence of gender stereotypes.”

I could get behind most of that. But this pledge has a lot of hate towards “stereotypical” toys. For example:

“Christmas brings a myriad of catalogues and gift guides selling kids’ toys. Many toy retailers use gendered marketing which influences children and consumers alike, by sending strong messages about the appropriateness of their choices. Colour codes, labels and imagery all have a narrowing effect on our children’s perspectives.”

Stop. Children have a right to play with whatever toy they want to. If they want to play with a doll, go for it. Many dolls and several toys are gender neutral, and the only people preventing them from buying toys of the opposite gender is the person buying the toys, usually you if you are the parent of a child. Many toys are indeed marketed at boys or girls, there is nothing wrong with this. Nothing at all wrong with having a target market, as without one, sales do not do as well.

You as the consumer are the deciding factor in what your kids get as presents. And your child is the deciding factor in whether or not they will actually play with their gift. Buying presents for your child should never be about gender, and in most cases, it is not. Children make Christmas lists and you buy things for them based on their list most of the time, either that or grandma buys them gifts they may or may not play with. Scientific studies have reported over and over again that even in the animal kingdom, males and females are inherently interested in different toys. No amount of explosions or men on a barbie doll box will make more boys desire a female fashion doll more than they would desire a more practical action figure.

Marketing has dictated that boys will buy a certain toy more than girls and vice-versa, that is why even Lamilly, a fashion doll that is more representative of women, is still marketed towards young girls. GoldieBlox is a doll that apparently breaks stereotypes about women in engineering, and that doll is marketed specifically at girls. These toys are directed at a specific target audience and that is ok.

While I personally don’t like gendered isles, I understand why they are necessary in a capitalistic society, and I also understand that your child is not forced to play with her Barbie. If your child/sister/niece/cousin/etc doesn’t like feminine toys, don’t buy them feminine toys. But don’t refuse to buy them feminine toys just because. That’s stupid.



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Society Runs On Double Standards

Double standards are in no way anything that is against a certain sex, or ethnicity, etc, double standards are against everyone.

  • When men have sex, they are studs
  • When women have sex, they are studs
  • When women hit a man, he must have deserved it
  • When a man hits a woman, it’s domestic violence

Even when it comes to ethnicity, there are two-way streets in the lines of double standards.

  • Black’s are much more likely to receive more jailtime then whites for the same crimes
  • Whites are ineligible for white-only scholarships, colleges, or anything because they would be racist, but all other ethnicities can have these.

How about gays?

  • Straight women are considered sluts if they dress skimpy, lesbians are not.
  • Gay people risk getting assaulted in a bar just for being gay, straight people don’t have to worry about this.

Double standards are everywhere. No one group of people benefit most from these double standards, where one is helped by them, another is harmed by them. That is the nature of them. To claim that women or whites or anyone is a victim of double standards is crazy. We are ALL victims of double standards, and yes, they affect EVERYONE, and don’t try saying your group is more sensitive to double standards, because they are not.

Double Standards happen to everyone. Nobody is immune from them. Nobody

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The Ferguson Riots Vandalized Their Own Message

Don’t get me wrong. I totally 100% agree that Darren Wilson is a criminal who shot Michael Brown with intent and should have been arrested for his crimes. But the riots have done nothing but hurt the cause. I understand that people are furious about this, I am too. I am furious that yet another cop gets away with murder and calls 6 bullets “justified protection” (although it would not be “justified protection” of Brown shot Darren 6 times after being hit). And yes, I also think that riots about football games and soccer games that happened before are also stupid and shitty, and just made them look like assholes. So this is not just about these riots.

But the riots destroyed their message. More and more people, from all creeds, ethnicities, etc are turning away from the message of police brutality and, like Nat Turner’s rebellion, people are only looking at the violence perpetrated and viewing these people as “animals.” Just look at the comments section of just about any newspaper nowadays. “Thats it… i am going to show my disapproval by destroying my local economy and wrecking local small businesses! grrrrrrrr” which received 99 likes on AOL is just one of many comments on the top of articles talking about the Michael Brown case that illustrates that people are not seeing Police brutality against an unarmed black teen and the injustice of racial profiling by cops and the innocent death and brutal beatings of many innocent people by police officers. In fact, they are seeing mobs of angry black people attacking and looting businesses run by white people, blowing up cars and burning down buildings.

This is what people are seeing, and this is why more and more people are starting to side with Darren Wilson. “These people are vandalizing, assaulting, and committing arson, therefore Mike Brown must have also been that violent and therefore deserved his punishment” is what is in the minds of many people. That is because instead of focusing on the police brutality that occurred, people are equating Mike Brown to Vandalism and Arson.

This is what happens when you burn down buildings and assault people and claim that it is justified. People don’t see your message of justice and equality, they see the violence.

So stop using violence, and maybe people will see the real issue of corrupt cops going on. Stop vandalizing your own message and maybe people will start listening to it.

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Walking Around Shirtless?

Is walking around shirtless the feminist issue of the century? I sure as fuck hope not.

Yes, women, like men, should be allowed to roam outside topless, and in 47/50 states, they can. Congratulations, this has quickly turned into a non-issue. An accomplishment. And it’s mostly thanks to men for simply handing over this right. And yes, I did just say that men handed over this right, almost uncontested. Individual men in the past may have tried to prevent women from getting rights, but the 19th amendment passed both the senate and the house within a two week time frame.

Feminist websites state that protesters were heckled and jailed by opponents, but this is scarcely true. The women jailed for protesting were mainly jailed for breaking a variety of laws, including assaulting police officers and smashing windows. Many feminists claim that the treatment of the women were too harsh, but in the early 1900’s, such treatment of men and women in prison was common. Yes, it is harsh, but it wasn’t oppressive towards women in any sense. The horrendous state of the prison system is why Prison Reform was so huge over the past couple centuries, this was never anything new to women, this is not something that never happened to men.

That aside, why are we still fighting so strongly to be topless, when there are other women, all over the world, that can use the help of feminists? Why are we treating toplessness and forced equal representation in workplaces as more important than things like Bride Kidnapping? Yes, toplessness was a human rights issue when it was banned nationally, but now it is less so. Only a select few states ban this in some form or another, and while we should have protests in those states, this issue is over and done with for the most part, time to move on.

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