No Women in Combat: A Feminist Issue

Seriously, I have had feminists bitch at me that there isn’t enough women in combat positions in the military. As if it wasn’t bad enough that men were being slaughtered in useless wars throughout time, now we are pushing to slaughter women as well!

And people claim that NOT allowing women the ability to be slaughtered is somehow a women’s rights issue! I will do quite nicely WITHOUT that right, tyvm!

Not only are they fighting to get women into combat, but they are fighting to LOWER THE STANDARDS to allow more women in. Are you fucking kidding me? I am sorry, but anyone who wants to lower the physical standards for female soldiers in COMBAT situations where physical standards are a MUST is one of the most misogynistic douchebags in the world! “Let’s not only allow women to possibly get slaughtered, let’s allow WEAKER women into the mix too so THEY can be slaughtered EASIER”

Why not just execute them upfront? “Just fry ‘em up now, and serve ‘em with chips!” ~Merlin~

Not only are women too physically weak to be in combat situations (This is called Sexual Dichotomy, not sexism, it’s biology) men are more likely to put themselves in harms way to protect women, even to the point of becoming human shields. Not the best thing in combat situations.

What’s next? Saying it is wrong for children to be denied military service and the ability to be in combat situations? 13 year old soldiers coming to a government near you! Gotta represent the masses, doncha know! Little tiny uniforms for the infant-try. Elderly too! gotta have 85 year old soldiers as well! you’re in a wheelchair? Here, have a rifle anyways.

Fucking shit! This has to be the biggest infringement of women’s rights, but feminists claim it to be a victory. A victory in what?

You know what? Nevermind. Rebecca Watson? Big Red? Anita? Gloria? Front line. Go and take on ISIS! Radical Feminists vs Islamic Extremists. GO!

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So this all started a few thousand years ago, 1000 years after the creation of Hinduism, a small nation of Jerusalem created a God from their ignorance in order to keep the locals at bay, by threatening horrific acts of violence, and promising light to a few people he did not upfront murder. They wrote down their laws in a small book called the Torah.

A few thousand years later a boy named Yeshua supposedly was born, despite no evidence whatsoever of his existence, and changed the course of the religion from a vengeful God to a jealous God, claiming that only if people left behind everything they had, including their families to rot and starve, and follow him, then they will be able to get ahold of the Philosophers Stone and be granted eternal life.

A few hundred years after that, a man high on hallucinogenics decided to take the old Bible, and rewrite it in his own words as the Quran. He turned the Jealous God into a Wrathful God to smite all people who just so happened to not believe in him. He also took it upon himself to marry a 6 year old girl despite the desire of her parents, and claim it to be the will of God.

Fast forward a little over 1000 years, and you have John Smith, a well known con artist who was jailed for his transgressions. He wrote a religious holy book known as the Book or Mormon, and tricked many people into believing him.

What’s the next book going to be about?


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Male Objectification: Rebuttals



1. But… men don’t get objectified as often as women

Even IF it is true, why would it matter? Men also don’t get RAPED as often as women, does that men male rape is unimportant. Better yet, women don’t get MURDERED as often as men, I guess now we should trivialize the murder of women, right?Women don’t die on the job nearly as often as men do, so fuck workplace safety for women, right?

2. Male objectification does not exist

Yes it does.

3. Objectification hurts women more than it hurts men/Male objectification is different than female objectification

No, it’s not. And No, it does not. Male objectification is the EXACT SAME THING! To claim otherwise means you obviously don’t have fucking EYES. No, men aren’t always seen in the same poses, but neither are women! If women were seen in many poses men are in, it would be seen as objectification! Just imagine how spiderwoman would look in a stereotypical spiderman pose:



If objectification is a bad thing (as I don’t think it is) than it is bad for everyone involved. Otherwise, stop being a fucking puritan! There is NOTHING wrong with the female body! Stop slut shaming women!

4. I am a feminist who believe slut shaming is wrong AND women showing tits in media is bad!

Then you’re an idiot.

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Sorry for a lack of posts

I have been busy lately with work, thoughts (trying to relax a little more), catching up on a few things, and the fact that I just got a writing job as a Game Journalist has had me a little bit groggy and not all that motivated to do too much long and researched posts. But I do wish to return back to writing posts soon, and might get one out either tonight or tomorrow, depending, but for the next few days I am going to consider myself on a very short hiatus. I am still posting things on my Twitter if you want to hear some of my opinions there, and I wish to come back as soon as possible to rant about some more shit.

Sorry again, I’ll be back to regular scheduled programming soon. I promise.


September 6, 2014 · 3:58 am

Quick question for the religious

If you believe that all Christians who are killed are going to an eternity in paradise, please tell me what stops you from massacring people in order to bring them there sooner and out of this hellhole of Earth?

Is it because killing them might bring you to hell? (something you don’t truly believe because people on death row just needs to repent to get to heaven) or is it because you don’t truly believe that killing people will send them to heaven?

I mean, you can’t say it is because of God’s Morals, because God condones the mass genocide of millions of people, including innocent children and civilians. God condones the murder of apostate people knowing full well they will go into hell for daring to simply not believe, so why is it such a huge leap of logic to think murdering Christians isn’t bad?

Besides, wouldn’t you be riskier than most? If an afterlife is real, than why not try our best to live dangerously? Wouldn’t you believe that a serial killer who kills a Christian did not really murder them, but actually sent them off to be in a place of eternal bliss?

I can’t see the thought of an eternal afterlife in the minds of Christians giving life any meaning or purpose, but actually a reason to die early.


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He makes a Point

I am tempted to write a book on Political Correctness and how it is damaging the world, damaging social interactions, and is actually increasing racism and sexism towards people.  What this guy says is dangerous. Because we aren’t taught about the fact that Africans sold other Africans into slavery, and we aren’t told that Emmeline Pankhurst assaulted police officers and broke windows to get her way, and we aren’t told about oppression in a global sense, in our public schools.

Political correctness hides things that don’t fit the white heterosexual male bad, non-whites, homosexuals, and women automatically good narrative. Despite good white guys and bad homosexuals and women. We have even gotten to the point where people are advocating for women to be unable to be jailed, and are victims in all cases, even in cases where WOMEN are the ones that hit and rape a male.

We also ignore or even promote attacks on people who don’t fit the narrative. We ignore the female Christian in the Islamic country bound to be stoned to death because it does not fit our narrative. We promote the slut shaming of prostitution and clothing in videogames, and the attacks on stay-at-home mothers because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Where does this end?

When is the day where being a stay-at-home mother would be deemed worthy of becoming illegal in the minds of feminists?

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Why end all scandles with “gate”? Watergate, elevatorgate, bananagate, gamergate. No more gates!

Anywho, Gamergate started because of the whole ZoeQuinn fiasco and many sites are looking deeply into journalistic integrity as a result, calling news sites and journalism blogs into question for a breach of integrity and conflicts of interest. This is awesome! Because we are starting to have enough with journalism as a whole. The fact that we can’t seem to get any form of facts without shifting though all the bias and lies.

I think an even bigger issue is the upsurge of satirical and fake journalism, which many readers have a hard time shifting apart from each other. Articles talking about how a famous actor or actress died, or sites like The Onion which is used by many as truth are annoying, and makes it hard to find real journalism from fake journalism. Reality from jokes. Especially if this catches the wind of some news reporter from a real news site, which blurs the lines even more. Snopes and other sites are good at determining real information from fake or misinformation, but even then Snopes has issues.

But journalism in and of itself has tons of issues that need to be dealt with. Gamergate is just one of them. And is just a small segment of journalism issues. But since it is popular right now, we should deal with it. Journalistic integrity is professionalism, and if you cannot write as a journalistic with that integrity, than you deserve to be fired. No writing reviews for sexual favors, or even for your friends and family, no getting close to the person who’s game you are reviewing, and don’t be in a position to influence the minds of others if you are trying to help people fix their games or else you are unprofessional.

You can help this blog out and all my other creative content by becoming a patreon. You can donate as little as 1$ a month, every little bit helps


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Anita Sarkeesian got her First Ever Death threat

Anita has been receiving death threats for years apparently, or at least she says she has. But the death threat in question was apparently this. It seems like your typical “I’m going to track you down and slit your throat with a knife” kind of death threat that just about anyone with a dissenting view on just about anything gets. Hell, I get hatemail mostly from feminists for daring to poke holes in their idiocy. Obama gets assassination attempts often, and you don’t see him flying to Albuquerque in an attempt to hide from people. Ayaan Hirsi is speaking out against Islam and is literally under 24 hour police protection. Anyone with dissenting views get death threats, they are going to happen, and if you get them as often as Anita claims she has been getting them, they start to become second nature.

Yes, that is bad, death threats should not be around at all, but in this world, most people just accept them as a price for being popular. I mean, Kim Kardashian gets more death threats than this one Anita got. But I have a few questions about this.

How is this one threat different than all the other death threats that she claims to have gotten? What makes this one, out of all the others, make her leave her house for a few days? What makes this one a imminent threat to her life, where all of the others have not?

And why can’t she realize that she is the one who brought this upon herself by blocking all forms of communication, thus purposefully having her inbox, etc flooded with these messages? Not that deaths threats are an OK thing, they are not, but why can’t she deal with the fact that she is just plain wrong?

Oh right, right after this acknowledgement of the death threat, she asked for donations. She calls her bitching about videogames and nothing else a “non-profit” as if she is a charity or some shit like that.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you my thoughts on this. What are yours?


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NPP blog short digital magazine?

As a little side project, I am seeing if I can make short digital monthly magazines if I have time. I’ll see how it works out before anything else. Here is an example of which. Please let me know what you think, and ask questions if you like.

The magazines will be on topics related to this blog, as well as other things, like lists, random facts, and even book, documentary, video, etc reviews. This is going to be a one women show, so like I said, I’ll see how it works out. If you want to help fund it to make it happen, you can donate any amount you want via this blogs Patreon.

Magazine Test 

Click on the link above to view the PDF

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Something You May Not Have Known About Me…

I LOVE female characters. In videogames, in books, in anime, I adore them. Especially if they are powerful. I espessially love women who are either average and powerful, or more masculine and powerful. Tomb Raider, Princess Zelda, and Elfin Lied spring to mind, as well as Minene Uryu from Mirai Nikki. These kinds of characters are wonderful strong characters that I enjoy very often. But this is my preference. I enjoy many games, books, movies, etc, with male main characters in them as well, and I don’t for one second believe that any industry needs to bow down and submit to my preferences. I love non-white and non-human characters as well more than I enjoy human and white characters, my preferences, I don’t think industries should be forced to adhere to what I like.

I write stories and am currently in the process of making an RPG game.  In almost all of my creations, I make female roles. Why? Because as a female I connect more to female characters, which helps me to imagine myself in their shoes in order to write the story. But that is my preference. I don’t believe all videogame makers should adhere to how I personally like making my own creative content.

That is one thing that differs me from SJW’s among all else. I don’t believe that my preferences should be forced upon other artists and creators. A game creator who does not, or even refuses to make, a female main role in their games, is not “misogynist” or “making excuses” because they don’t have to make excuses. It’s THEIR creative content, and THEY, not you, have creative freedom over their own work.

I enjoy female characters, but I am not going to blast everybody who does not make one. They have their own creative freedom, and their game/book/etc might be extremely good. That’s what really matters, the storyline, the playability, the hooks, the gameplay, not whether or not my character has a vagina. If having a vagina is all that matters to SJW’s, they should go play Barbie.

If you want games with females in it, make it yourself, or support people who do make them. Otherwise, shuddup!


I have a preference. That’s all it is, a preference. Nobody should be forced to make my preference a top priority.


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