GamerGate Gives Thousands to Charity

Not only did 4Chan’s /v/ donate 5000$ to help a feminist organization create for female game designers, but they also gave 16,000 to PACER’s antibullying organization, 5,490 dollars for Suicide Prevention, 1,544 dollars to Help the Hungry. Plus another 1000$ with a Charity Drive. They are also hosting a Twitch.TV stream on October 24th-25th to help children in need. And many others.

All this after GamerGate was falsely accused of driving people to commit suicide, and falsely accused of bullying behavior. Which I find odd, because anti-GamerGate individuals have been able to get away with a massive amount of death threats. As well as journalists against GamerGate calling for bullying. Lots of them. LOTS. OMG lots!  to the point where ripped and muscular Michael Cernovich made a video challenging Sam Biddle, a bullying advocate, to a match to raise money for charity.

Gamergate is a group of people who actually care about journalistic integrity and tries to support people in need. While anti-GamerGaters have not donated a dollar to any helpful organization. they have, however, donated plenty of money to the bullies who claim to be victims.

“Nerds” should not be shamed, and neither should gamers. But I guess talk is cheap when SJW’s, who claim to be defending bullied peoples, bully others. Bullying that is completely ignored by the people reporting on death threats that cannot verifiably be linked to GamerGate.

Stop attacking GamerGate, it isn’t out to get you. Unless you are a corrupt journalist

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Pi, PEMDAS, and Math Stuff

When you learn that 360 degrees = 2Pi but only 1 Tau you start to question concepts in mathematics. 1 Tau = 2 Pi or 1 Pie.

Also, when it comes to the Order of Operations, constantly you get various answers for the same equation, and 9 times out of 10 your teacher may not teach you why the correct answer you got was wrong because they themselves may not understand why your answer doesn’t fit the answer given in the back of the textbook.

And then when you are done learning the confusing notion of the Order of Operations and how your teacher confused you with it while growing up, you can then start to learn it all over again by teaching yourself New Math

I highly recommend following channels like Minute Physics and Vihart, as well as places like Khan Academy, SciShow, and Codecademy. They are pretty fascinating places to learn.

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The World of Victimhood

Why? Why try to empower yourself by claiming, and defending, your victim status? I never understood that. How does that empower women? How does that get more women into engineering, or video game development, or anything? How does that make women independent? How does that allow women to be who they want to be? How does being a victim make women strong, independent, empowered, or even “equal” to men?

Choosing to have sex when intoxicated is not “rape”, period. Don’t ever say that again. Someone taking a picture of you without your consent at a comicon is not “Harassment.” And if I become a teacher and I am reading a book with questionable content, I would tell you to become a mature adult and just deal with it, or leave my class, as I refuse to place a “Trigger Warning” on my class syllabus.

Catcalling is neither rape, nor harassment, and “Stare Rape” is the most moronic phrase I have ever heard. Men being raped or being victims of domestic violence does not degrade female victims, and thinking so is sexist to the highest degree.

How does thinking these things empower women? Really? Where are the feminist organizations actually TRYING to get more females into engineering? Or video game development? Where are the feminist classes to teach women graphic design, or coding, or mechanics? There is TFYC, but that is the only one I know of that helps women become game devs.

I am currently making a game using RPG Maker XP, I’ve been teaching myself all of the useful tricks of the trade. So game creation in and of itself is not a hard thing to do. But if we want more women in these areas, the best things to do is to encourage it, not force women in there so that nobody wants to go into the field.

You want to get more women into engineering in game development? Than work to get more women in engineering and game dev


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Does the MRM Condone Violence Against Women?

In short: NO!

Even the most vile and nasty of MRM sites I’ve seen: ReturnOfKings (although it’s more a PUA website) never recommends violence as an answer to anything. Not that women need more attention than anyone else when it comes to violence.

The best place that I have found in AVFM, which has firmly defended women’s rights when they rights are legit, and have on two occasions offered rewards for anyone who found the attackers of certain feminists to be detained. In fact, 4Chan is thought to be the vessel of misogyny, and they donated over 5000 to a second-wave feminist game creation organization.

I have seen some nasty posts on PUA websites talking about how women are broken, and how women are always childish, or even saying that education activist Malala Yousafsai is a coward. But when it comes to MRM websites, including the Honey Badger Brigade, I don’t see this condoning of violent attack towards women. It just doesn’t exist.

Yet if you look the other way, just a quick look at feminist blog Jezebel shows the advocation of violence towards men. And on Amazon there are plenty of games advocating vicious torture of your ex boyfriend.

There is no condoning of violence that I have ever been able to see.


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Harassment, Assaults, Censorship, and Death Threats: The World of Social Justice

“@GamerHate: I would pay all the money I have to ensure you have many kids and they will die long before you do”

“Beautiful SJW Queen: I’m going to come to your house and punch you right in the balls, cry about it white man.”

“Steve Hogarty: I’ve had it up to here with GamerGate, I am going to murder every gamer I see with my fists and legs, it ends here.”

You would think, judging on what the minority of SJW’s state, that they are actually trying to fight for a just cause. You would be wrong, Social Justice has been filled and rife with death threats, misandry, assaults, censorship, harassment, and the like. Yet they ignore it when they are the ones who get the threats.

These are the people who have on numerous occasions sent death threats to people of GamerGate, yet nobody seems to care. But a single death threat hits Anita Sarkeesian, and now GamerGate is to blame. Erin Pizzey is a woman who decided that since men suffer from half of domestic violence, that she was going to allow men to be cared for as victims of domestic violence against women. As a result, she was harassed, threatened with murder and bombing, and had her dog shot to death on her front yard and had to flee the country to escape the social justice feminists who could not stand the fact that someone besides them could possibly be victims.

Ever been called Oppressive? Privileged? Shitlord? Misogynistic? Racist? Sexist? Able-ist? Triggering? Patriarchy? Trans-phobic? Cis-scum? Cultural Appropriating? Ever been told to fill a mug full of Male Tears? Ever had anyone tell you that a woman cannot rape a male because a woman doesn’t have a penis? These people have their own sets of vocabulary, their own worldviews. They even have their own hierarchy system, which they rebel fully against even the notion that they are even close to the top. They have a psychological NEED to be oppressed, or their worldview collaspes in a pile of sad dreams and wasted time. But don’t blame them for it, they are just a product of their environment.

An environment that OK’s assaulting white people, males, young people (if you’re old), and cisgendered people. And while attacking people because they are homosexual is fucked up and not ok, according to the FBI Hate Crime statistics between 2008-2012, 2% of all hate crimes against sexual orientation is Anti-heterosexual. And according to the same data, 22% of hate crimes according to race are against white people. These are actually justified, according to the racist and sexist ideologies of the Social Justice Warriors. How do you justify assault? Who the fuck cares if someones great, great, ancestor was oppressive, don’t blame an entire race or gender for eternity on what a few people did a long-ass time ago. If you justify assaulting white people, straights, or males, you are a fucking asshole.

These same SJW’s believe that we should tax male children, promote gender segregation with Female-only Passenger cars, believe fantasy worlds can effect the real world, that consensual sex is rape, and so much more. They condone and openly admit to physical assault of men. They do everything from pull fire alarms to assault pro-life people. And have even been known to make a death threat against a men’s rights conference.

In all ways shapes and forms, from the early Feminists teaming up with the KKK, to not stepping in when a man is being assaulted by a woman, or even justifying the behavior.

The world of Social Justice is rife with harassment, death threats, and abuse. They are the worlds most accepted terrorist organization. What are we going to do about this? We can’t keep ignoring this hurt because someone might get offended if we dare say something like “stop abusing men.” ALL violence and hate needs to stop.

What are you going to do about it?


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Second Wave Feminism

Second Wave Feminism gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (well, feminism and several other minority groups), but it also gave us this idea that we can turn men into fragile little flowers that future generations of females would love. Trying to change the entire nature of men from the typical rough and tumble boy, to a more effeminate form. A lot about male psychology can be read in the book The Male Brain by M.D. Louann Brizendine, a book that I certainly recommend reading.

But while Second Wave Feminism was the main drive responsible for the fucked up Family Court System we have today, I have to say, that the Modern-day Second Wave Feminists I have seen seem to be the kind of feminists who are not entirely “like that.” Take The Fine Young Capitalists and Christina Sommers, these two are full of people who are advocating for a better change and are not shitstorming the fuck out of other people. I would actually donate money to TFYC (if I wasn’t dirt poor) because they seem to have a good idea. Instead of forcing women into already existing games, help women become game creators and make their own games. This and many more.

Modern Second Wave feminists seem to be the most humane of the feminist community, even if a lot of what they say is still radical. I have seen more Second Wave feminists defending things like GamerGate and defending men’s right to be masculine, and more Second Wave Feminists attacking Third Wave feminism, than I have seen SWF’s siding with TWF’s. Conservative feminism is also often attacking by the victimizing, vitriol-spewing TWF’s.

Still radical, but not inherently filled with shitty people like Third Wave Feminism and seems to be.

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Anita Talk Massacre Threat

Just a few days ago, someone sent in a massacre threat to an Anita Sarkeesian talk at Utah State University. I personally want to punch the person who wrote in this threat in the face. That is complete and utter bullshit, and only the lowest of slime would send in such a message. You DON’T threaten violence like this, I don’t give a flying fuck how much damage you say feminists did to you.

But i will be the first to admit, that out of all the other threats I think this one seems more… genuine of a threat. I hate to say that, but it seems as if this threat was at least written by someone who actually understands the MRM, and not by a feminist who doesn’t understand. “You will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America” and mentions Marc Lepine, a psychopathic nutjob who killed women as a “combat against feminism.” Now that does not mean that this message could not have been faked, but the chances are, in my opinion, it is not. It is made by some psychotic fringe nutjob.

We all hate Anita, she is lying, she cheated people out of their money, she is just a sad individual out to spread a false idea. But your anger ends where threats begin, and I, along with probably most of the MRA as well as feminism will not tolerate this level of threats.

Don’t send hate messages like this. Period.


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Show Me These Women-Hating MRM Sites

I am told that there are websites by MRA’s talking about how they can no longer get away with treating women like shit. I don’t believe men ever were able to treat women like shit, but that is beside the point. These sites are apparently rampant among the MRM, despite me being a frequenter of several MRM blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter, and websites. If these sites exist (they must be popular, not the random little troll site that nobody frequents, because ain’t nobody got time for that) then I would love to see them. I want to call out the woman-hating bullshit that would be associated with these popular websites if they so exist.


This is apparently huge and rampant according to anti-MRA’s, but through all of my research, I simply cannot find it. I cannot find these misogynistic websites dedicated to bashing women and are filled with “manboys crying because they cannot treat women like shit and get away with it.” These MRM websites filled with female hate and loathing. I mean, it’s easy enough for me to find a feminist website that bashes or attacks men openly, but none that openly attacks or bashes women.

But as an Egalitarian, if these MRA sites about woman-hating and justifying treating women like shit do exist (And I mean Actual sites that are indicitive of a real voice of the MRA, not a blog with 100 views, or a single Twitter account of a troll, or a forum commenter.) Than I want to know. I want to write a post or two pointing out this horrible misogyny, these angry people who allegedly talk about attacking women. If they exist, show me.


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Why do Feminists Hate the MRM?

Easy, feminists are people who firmly believe that they are being oppressed by dominating males, and that men have privileges and benefits that women simply cannot get in society. They see men as these people who are First Class Citizens, and honestly believe that they, despite all they achieved and accomplished, are being treated as Second Class citizens.

Which bares a shocking resemblance to Christianity, despite being the biggest religion in the world, use mental gymnastics to show that they are being oppressed and that Atheists are the ones oppressing them. Feminists believe that they are akin to the atheists in this instance. They believe that when men point out male problems in society, that they are trivializing the issues the feminists claim women face in society.

Women once didn’t have the right to vote, the right to an abortion, or a job, or birth control. Granted, the information surrounding these is vague and misrepresented, it is these events and issues that cause modern day women to still believe they are part of an oppressed minority with males as oppressors. Men, through their silence of the issues they face, have formed this sort of illusion that feminists use to suggest that men have no issues or historic oppression they face.

The MRM often criticizes or debunks many issues that feminists claim to have, and since Feminism is a word tightly integrated with Female the same way Islam is tightly integrated with the Arab race, any criticism of feminism, even pointing out the flaws or damage of what they are saying, to them, is a form of woman hating. No different than debunking scripture from the Bible would be to a Christian.

Feminists are so ingrained with their ideology, that it becomes part of themselves, and a criticism of feminism feels to them to be a criticism of womenkind.

The mental gymnastics they use seems crude and ignorant to us, but like the world of a schizophrenic, to them, it’s reality. No amount of logic is going to get through to the most fundemental of feminists, because they have been programmed to believe that such logic is an attack. Like Christianity, saying you don’t believe in God is a form of pure rejection in the mind of the believer. The same way in the mind of feminists, if you don’t agree with feminism, you must be a women-hater. If you don’t agree with the existence of god, you must be a devil-worshipper.

It’s kinda sad. But this is the reality of their psychology.


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Fighting Game Journalism Corruption has been going on loooong before GamerGate

As a timeline I am going to show how the fight has been going on.

This issue with games journalism has been talked about since at least 2006. During this time The Escapist wrote an interview talking about video game journalism corruption. Game Set Watch did an article in 2005 talking about a Editorial Director Dan Hsu for several gaming magazines that caused a stir for inciting several gaming journalism organizations at the time for corruption, or giving reviews for favors. There has even been a lot of backlash that he received at the time from gaming journalists, bashing him for being “defensive” and “baited” for his views.

In 2007, a flurry of debate rose after a rumor was released that games journalist Jeff Gerstmann was fired over a poor review of a videogame, which was later confirmed

Gamergate has only been going on since late August of 2014, but websites like Kotaku, Gamespot, and IGN has been under attack for journalistic integrity breaches since mid 2013. 4Chan’s forum /v/ made a whole list of musicals talking about how corrupt game developers and game journalists can be.

There has even been discussion about it 3 years ago on Reddit. Blogs and posts have been talking about it for years. Here is a video from 2012 talking about paid reviews. Here is a video blogger talking about it as well. Here is a PodCast from 2009 about issues with Games Journalism.

So people really need to stop saying that GamerGate just appeared out of the blue, it’s been a long time coming. It been needed for awhile, and its now finally become huge like it never has before. Gaming journalism is corrupt, and it is just getting more and moreso. In feminist terms it would be “microaggressions” that built up until a single event caused it to pop.  Criticizing games journalism is not new, it has been going on. It’s just popular now. And we have the social justice warriors to thank for that, because if they didn’t try to act like this whole thing was about misogyny, it would probably have not even grown to the popularity of Dan Hsu or Jeff Gerstmann.


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