Walking Around Shirtless?

Is walking around shirtless the feminist issue of the century? I sure as fuck hope not.

Yes, women, like men, should be allowed to roam outside topless, and in 47/50 states, they can. Congratulations, this has quickly turned into a non-issue. An accomplishment. And it’s mostly thanks to men for simply handing over this right. And yes, I did just say that men handed over this right, almost uncontested. Individual men in the past may have tried to prevent women from getting rights, but the 19th amendment passed both the senate and the house within a two week time frame.

Feminist websites state that protesters were heckled and jailed by opponents, but this is scarcely true. The women jailed for protesting were mainly jailed for breaking a variety of laws, including assaulting police officers and smashing windows. Many feminists claim that the treatment of the women were too harsh, but in the early 1900’s, such treatment of men and women in prison was common. Yes, it is harsh, but it wasn’t oppressive towards women in any sense. The horrendous state of the prison system is why Prison Reform was so huge over the past couple centuries, this was never anything new to women, this is not something that never happened to men.

That aside, why are we still fighting so strongly to be topless, when there are other women, all over the world, that can use the help of feminists? Why are we treating toplessness and forced equal representation in workplaces as more important than things like Bride Kidnapping? Yes, toplessness was a human rights issue when it was banned nationally, but now it is less so. Only a select few states ban this in some form or another, and while we should have protests in those states, this issue is over and done with for the most part, time to move on.

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Male Privilege and the Selective Service

Ok, I have to state, the selective service is a sexist, misandrist piece of shit. Did you know that if you don’t register, you can be charged up to 250,000 dollars and spend up to 5 years in prison? “A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years.” This is a VICTIMLESS crime! You can face up to 5 years in prison for NOT DOING ANYTHING! This is the only crime I know of that punishes you for doing NOTHING!

This is not only extreme sexism towards men, taking away ones right to life and liberty, but it is unconstitutional! The 13th amendment states “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The government cannot, and I repeat CANNOT, force you to join into the military against your will. That is involuntary servitude, and goes against your American born rights of Life and Liberty. Yes, Article 1 section 8 of the constitution allows for a military to be made and maintained, but article 1, section 8 does NOT grant the government the power to draft.

The draft only affects men. It does not affect women, even women who have surgery to become physically male. “Individuals who are born female and have a sex change are not required to register. U.S. citizens or immigrants who are born male and have a sex change are still required to register.” If you were born female/male, we will always treat you like one. Signed, the US Military.

But not only that, but men who don’t sign up for the Selective Services, are unable to get federal grants, hold federal jobs, or even be a citizenship before the age of 26. Things women are exempt from simply because we have a vagina. But then again, men have privilege and women don’t, so yeah.

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Is International Mens Day Sexist?

Short answer: No. Why would it be?

According to the warped psychology of feminists, International Men’s Day is sexist simply because it is a response to International Women’s Day. Or, in logical terms, women have a day, so men wanted one. But now it is sexist because men are not women.

Meaning that any opposition to IMD is in itself sexist.

There is absolutely nothing wring with men having a day, nothing at all. But they are barred by feminist attacks because men are not seen as a minority that has less rights, which they are. Any group of people that you force against their will into war via a draft is an oppressed group, and an even bigger oppressed group than women were when they had very few rights to work and education. At least women weren’t sent off to die, being seen as kamikazi bullets rather than human beings with family and friends.

Men had the right to vote and work, but they did not have the right to life, they did not have a right to their own freedom, they did not have a right to safety, and they never had the right to be a victim of injustice, as being a victim has a mark against their manhood. Men are 5 times more likely to commit suicide than women are. Male sexuality and masculinity as a whole has been more and more demonized in our culture. So I believe that an International Men’s Day has been long in the making.

IMD is not a day for men to bash and attack women, like most straight pride groups tend to be with gay people. IMD is simply a day for men. And if men having a day is considered misogynistic to you, than you are the sexist.

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Oh No! Darren Wilson Had a Bruise!

The poor baby!

Ok, that should show you how I feel about that being used as evidence to justify emptying an entire round of bullets into the body of an unarmed pedestrian.

It annoys me that not only is this cop not facing jail time to reckless endangerment, manslaughter, first degree murder, or anything, but he ain’t even fucking fired.

Now while i in no way condine the vicious and childish antics of the rioters who are destroying the town they live in for… probably some justifiable reason in their minds. But I do understand where all this anger comes from. They are pissed. They are sick and tired of cops, and especially white cops (not racist, don’t kid yourself into thinking white cops don’t get preferential treatment, they do), attacking, arresting, and killing mostly black “criminals” and getting away with it scott free.

What makes it worse, is that the KKK threatened physical violence against the protesters if Darren was arrested and found guilty of the crime he obviously committed.

But why should I be shocked? Cops are government paid, and for what? Cops are under no legal obligation to protect and serve its citizens, it is only obligated to uphold the law, and it does so very badly. Cops don’t have to follow traffic laws, assault laws, discrimination laws, and if you cal 911, the police are under no obligation to even respond to the distress call, according to the Supreme Court. Why do we pay our tax dollars towards people who most of the day arrest and harass harmless perpetrators of “traffic violations” and “illegal drug use?” Why do we commit drug raids on Ginseng Farms? This is bullshit.

Either the police should be an actual force for good, or it should GTFO. Darren Wilson is not a hero, he’s a jackass that deserves to be fired and blacklisted due to his idiocy.

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#Shirtgate and #Manspread; Feminists Wonder Why People Hate Them

Feminists wonder why people hate them, while they spread messages like this:

#ShirtGate – Attacking scientist Matt Taylor for wearing a shirt they don’t like and ignoring the women who helped land the spacecraft on the comet

#Manspread – Getting upset at the men who spread their knees on the subway, while ignoring the fact that tons of women do the same, or otherwise steal a seat by putting their purse in it.

#NotYourAsianSidekick – A racist hashtag trying somehow to combat racism against asians… by tweeting anger at white people

#IfIWereABoy – A hashtag that attacks and generalizes all men into categories and gives them rights that females allegedly don’t have but actually do.

#HeForShe – A campaign to get men to take bullets for women.

What are some hashtags that we all know will never trend in the femisphere?





The thing is, feminism is doing nothing to near nothing to prevent actual issues towards women, instead focusing on this trivial bullshit! If feminism actually focused on real issues that women faced, and didn’t jump on every bandwagon imaginable to blame the white man to all of their problems, then nobody would have an issue. If feminism is a movement for women only, fine, but is isn’t about equality. If feminists would stop acting like extremists and attacking men and masculinity every 5 seconds, maybe people will stop hating feminism.

Focus on rights that women actually need, and not on this idiocy of attacking someone with a shirt you don’t like and blaming them for the reason women choose non-STEM fields. Or attacking guys who spread their legs on the subway when women do it just as often, and just as bad.

And to be honest, if somebody has their legs spread like that, and it irritates you, you have a right to speak up. You have a right to tell them to move. Making a whole campaign to shame men and only men for something everyone does is just sexist and childish. If this is how you are going to act, than please, cry me for feminist tears. I’ll be busy fighting for the rights of women you feminist idiots are too fucking lazy and selfish to do yourselves.

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On Gender Specific Toy Isles

I hate Gender-Specific toy isles for the same reason I hate gender-segregated bathrooms. It’s stupid, and does make many kids believe that they “don’t belong” in the toy isle of the opposite sex. Considering with in-group/out-group mentality that toys of the opposite sex are “gross,” “too girly,” “too manly,” or that somehow the toys of the opposite sex “has cooties.”

The thing is, I understand fully that girls will drift towards liking more feminine toys and hobbies. I have 3 siblings who were born a year apart from each other, 2 are boys, 1 is a girl. I spent a lot of time with them and as a fervent gamer myself, I wanted them to play videogames as well to share in the experience. My siblings learned how to play games very early in life, 3-4 years old. Except for my little sister, she was completely uninterested. Growing up, it is obvious that they were completely different. My sister loved creating and drawing characters, and got extremely into reading, my little brothers both went off and enjoyed more action-packed games like Smash Brothers and CoD, and even when they drew, they preferred more action-esque drawings. Mind you, all three of them were raised on mediocre games like Zelda and Super Mario 64.

My brothers also enjoyed much more action-packed imaginative play, where my sister didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, my sister is not the most feminine of girls, and neither am I, but we both grew up being uninterested in the more competitive nature of guys. Not that we won’t try every now and then to beat them in Super Smash Brothers.

Even in the animal kingdom, male animals choose more gadgetry and play-fighting then females, even among our closest cousins. I understand that there is a distinct difference on average between what boys and what girls want, and that in fact, it sells. In fact, the stores made this system because girls and boys much prefer it over a mismatch of random toys. And because of it, profits increase more, because it is easier to find specific kinds of toys.

But even understanding all of this, I don’t really like the segregated isles. I don’t like how one isle looks pumped with testosterone while the other is filled with estrogen. But I guess it is what it is.

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Dear MRM: Don’t Act Like Feminists, Please?

I have been seeing this a lot lately with many members of the MRM and many MRM pages. While they are more benign than feminist propaganda, it is still notable that making a Change.org petition to get Taylor Swifts new song taken down for misandry is stupid. Don’t stoop to that level, that’s what many antifeminists hate about feminists. The sensitivity. Games do not cause sexism, and neither do music videogames.

Now I have seen articles written by MRAs asking for certain anti-MRAs to “go kill yourself.” Even though I think the person the article was directed to is a piece of slime, I still think such language should not be present in a rights movement. And while I agreed with much of what was said in the first article directed at David Futrelle, a known online troll, and I know that AVFM did not mean it in a literal sense.

I do not want the MRM to go the same route and be poisoned the same way feminism has been. I really don’t need a second feminism to fight against, one is enough, TYVM. The MRM and Feminists alike really should focus more on real mens and womens rights issues, and focus mainly on that, and less about these editorials mocking the other side or even the other gender.

They should learn to steer clear of feminist propaganda and become the example of egalitarianism, or at least a more professional criticizer without resulting to more feminist tactics. No more petitions to remove Taylor Swift music videos for misandry, ok?


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Genital Mutilation is Wrong

Genital Mutilation, whether it is Female Genital Mutilation, or Circumcision, it is morally repugnant. It is a human rights tragedy that perform surgeries and enact great deals of intense pain, often leading to shock, to innocent children for completely stupid and unfounded reasons.

Claiming that circumcision is beneficial and that it needs to be done is moronic and bigoted a view. We do not have surgeries on birth to remove the appendix despite a serious risk it can have to out health, but we have routine circumcision of boys on the idea that it will lower cases of infection. We also completely remove the clitoris out of females for the main purpose of halting sexual desire, this is a religious practice, much like circumcision. This apparently makes them closer to god because they can now ignore their earthly desires or some shit like that. I personally think we should allow boys and girls to grow up and decide for themselves if they want this surgery.

Genital Mutilation is wrong, period. Point blank. Done. Your children may have come from you, but they are not objects, they are not property, you should not have the right to mutilate them. And if that offends you, than you are one sick fuck.

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Why We Should Abolish Public Education Systems

1388331122837035Ok, tell me with a straight face that forcing 5-21 year old kids to wake up at 6AM and be told to sit down and be quiet for 7 hours, while only able to interact with specific segregated groups of people in a world full of distractions is a smart environment for education and learning? Yeah, didn’t think you could do it.

The thing is, I believe public education should work more like college.

  • You pick your schedule, so you wake up a time better suited to your own educational needs
  • Besides a few classes like math and English, you choose your own classes and educate yourself on what you like doing.
  • You are taught by people who actually know what they are talking about
  • You are in no way forced into it, and can choose this kind of education if you desire
  • the 12+ years of your life that you spend here actually mean something in the long run, and you won’t graduate into the same kinds of jobs you can get by dropping out and obtaining a GED.

In relation to all other forms of education in college and beyond, getting a high school diploma after 12 years of servitude is not an acceptable boost in income. No high school diploma? 470$ a week with high school diploma? 650 a week. Simply attending a single college class in your spare time you get an extra 80 dollars on average. 12 years of forced school? a 170 dollar increase for your time on average. 5 months of a single college class? 80 buck boost. You spend about the equivalent of 40 credit hours per week during school. The average length of a school year is 180 days, or about 26 weeks worth of school days. 26 weeks times 40 credit hours a week is  1040 credit hours a typical schoolyear. Times that by 12 (excluding Kindergarten and Preschool as well as any years skipped or failed) and you get about 12,000 credit hours in the course of your forced educational career to receive a 120 dollar weekly salary increase.

It only takes 4 years on full-time college hours to get a Bachelors degree. How many hours is full time in college? 12. They scarcely allow you to even study more than 12 credit hours a semester, or 12 hours in class a week, because they believe it will tire you out too much. During a typical semester, you are in class for 14-20 weeks (for sake of argument, I will say 20) and you only need to work 2 semesters out of a trimester to be able to earn the degree. that’s 40 weeks, but much less considering that many college students have 3 days off or more, depending on scheduling. To earn a Bachelors, you need a minimum of 120 credit hours. And earning a bachelors raises you from 650 weekly, to 1,100 weekly on average. Holy crap.

So it took you 12,000 mandatory hours in school, being bored and not learning much at all to get a 170 dollar increase on average. Then afterwords, you spend only 1% of that time in college classes, to almost double your entire salary after high school (450$ increase)? Sounds like High School Diplomas are a sham.

If the college system seems to work so much better economically as well as educationally, then why are we still using this age old system that is known not to work at all? In what ways are kids going to learn if they don’t even want to be in the place that is trying to force them to learn?

In all honesty, I think school should in no way be mandatory, I think it should be something that people should decide for themselves if they want to go. We live in a world where information is everywhere. Where we can educate ourselves on everything from math and science to programming and business from credible and reputable sources, if not being able to learn hands on. We have a vast array of books, the internet, the kindle, workshops, and even organizations that help with writing all spring up where public school has failed. We educate ourselves on a daily basis on stuff we are fervently interested in and overtly fascinated about, while we dismiss and forgot a grand majority of the stuff we only had to remember for tests.

So we should either abolish the public education system altogether, or reform it so drastically that it is almost incomparable to its predecessor. We need to learn. We need to educate ourselves. And we need to not let the public education system stand in the way of a good education.


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So How Far Will Feminists Go?

I am starting to bore with constantly talking about the poison of feminism, but every single time I think I can just walk away, something new hits me in the face. This time it’s a blantant lie.

Now there is a video  that is now infamous by the name of Drunk Girl In Public, good luck finding the full video, because it’s been getting taken down and censored like GamerGater. But the video portrays a woman who pretends to be drunk, and apparently gets taken advantage of by a couple of guys, and then suddenly sobers up and skips away leaving the people looking baffled.

This video was made to show that women are taken advantage of when they are drunk, and that guys are pervs that want to take advantage of women. The thing is, the entire video was staged! Three Actors and the actress herself come out to say that the whole thing was staged! And that the developers and filmmakers lied to them, claiming that it was just a skit, when it turned out to be falsely represented as a social experiment. Now because of this video, I am having huge doubts about the Hollaback video, which is extremely short and only shows about 12 instances of “harassment” including “god bless” and “have a wonderful day.” In the Hollaback video, the screen blacks out and you are told to take it on faith that she received more than 100 catcalls in 10 hours, or 1 catcall every 6 minutes. So because of this blantant lie of a video, I now doubt the validity of Hollaback. Thankyou Feminists, for breaking my trust yet again.

And I say feminists, because who else does this benefit besides them? It hurts the modern day woman who is now bombarded with fear-mongering like an anti-vaxxers website or a Homeopathic and organic food nuts blog. It hurts the women who now feel unsafe to even walk outside by themselves for fear of being harmed because all they have been told growing up is that the world is full of rapists and harassers. If I listened to and believed feminists I’d be a paranoid schizophrenic.

Really, to what level will these fuckwits stoop? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a respected Woman’s Rights Advocate and opponent of Female Genital Mutilation, says “I condemn whole-heartedly the trivial bullshit it is to go after a man who makes a scientific breakthrough and all that we as women — organized women — do is to fret about his shirt? We must reclaim and retake feminism from our fellow idiotic women.” I agree with her, but I disagree that feminism is savable. It’s too poisoned. It’s about time to we fought for both genders equally, instead of just focusing on one.

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